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A Unique Philosophy

Rediscover Nutrition was founded by Sam Finkelstein -- a weight-neutral and anti-diet Registered Dietitian Nutritionist currently serving the San Francisco Bay Area, and others remotely. Sam believes in evidence-based research. Today, research supports that dieting in any form is ineffective, and does more harm than good to our physical bodies, our emotional wellness, and our body image. Sam has helped countless individuals reclaim their relationships to food and their bodies, and has guided people back to finding joy in their eating, escaping the exhaustion and stress that comes with extreme forms of eating. Sam's work is driven by her firm belief that we all deserve to have a trusting relationship with our food and our bodies. Sam's past clients have ranged from those with diagnosed eating disorders, including anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder, to individuals who are simply done with dieting, and ready to find a flexible relationship to food that is both stress-free, and shame-free. If you're interested in working with Sam, visit the Work With Me page

Sam completed her education through California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and through the Morrison Chartwells Dietetic Internship, affiliated with Compass Group North America.

You can follow Sam on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at the handle @SamTheDietitian for more thoughts, info, positivity, some pretty food pictures, and the occasional selfie (#SelfLove). You may also sign up for her newsletter for bursts of inspiration sent straight to your inbox.